2010 MN Peeker Sighting

Excerpts from Cliff’s field notes for the 2011 Minnesota Expedition:

The sighting at the town hall meeting that was told by Lorraine grabbed my attention. She saw a large bigfoot in broad daylight looking into an abandoned trailer only a mile or so away from where Jenna saw hers while jogging. That trailer was still there, so this was an excellent opportunity to get some decent size estimates on this big guy that was so often seen in the area.


Lorraine is a very sweet woman with a no-nonsense attitude and the charming habit of talking like a sailor. She told me that her sister didn’t believe that she saw a bigfoot, so Lorraine told her sister that she “hopes it takes a sh*t on her porch!”  She said that would convince her.  I adored her.  She was so cute and so much fun to talk to.

Lorraine and Cliff Barackman during the onsite investigation.

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On April 9, 2010,  Lorraine was driving down a rural road when she found two cars stopped in the road ahead of her. Thinking that a police officer had pulled someone over, she slowed down. She saw a large dark figure next to an abandoned trailer off to her right only 90 yards away.


Including Lorraine, there were three cars stopped in the road that day with the occupants all looking at the bigfoot.  Lorraine was in the third car back. The first car had two young men wearing baseball caps in it, the second had a couple from the Pacific Northwest, and then Lorraine alone in the third car.

The bigfoot looked into the trailer window for a few moments, using its right hand to shield the glare on the window.  It then started walking down the driveway towards where everyone was stopped on the road. The young men in the first car quickly drove away in fear when they saw the creature coming their direction. The other two cars were treated to a close up view of the sasquatch as it passed only 29 yards from where Lorraine was stopped. It crossed the road (24 feet wide) and went over a 46 inch tall barbed wire fence without breaking stride in only three or four steps. After clearing the fence it disappeared into the thick woods and was not seen again.

The sasquatch went into this patch of woods after crossing the road.

Lorraine spoke to the couple in the car in front of her after the event was over. They had a totally unobstructed view of the creature from quite close. They noted that they saw the hair very well, and clearly saw that this creature was a male. The creature did not look at the witnesses as it passed.


Lorraine remembered seeing where its chin was compared to the window, as well as where the crown of its head reached. The top of the creature’s head measured 108 inches off the ground, which is nine feet. The chin was at about the 89 inch level, or seven foot five inches. That makes the head of the creature 19 inches from chin to crown.  

The window that the sasquatch was seen looking into.
This is what could be seen through the window by the sasquatch.

At one point in our investigation, a man drove by in a truck and asked what we were doing. We told him about the bigfoot sighting, and he told us that that this particular sasquatch had been seen several times by people that he knows in the area. He even told us a nick name of this particular creature given to it by the locals: “Peek-a-Lou.” It seems that many of the local humans are aware of this creature and its affinity for looking into windows.