2013 Duhon Photograph

2013 Duhon Photo
The original unedited 2013 Duhon Photograph.

The Duhon Photograph was taken on June 29, 2013 at 8:02 am with a motion activated trail camera. The crows in the foreground is clearly what triggered the camera, yet far in the background next to a hunting blind is an upright dark figure. There are photographs from a minute or two before and after the picture in question, and the figure is not in either, so it is not a play of light and shadows. Whatever this figure is, it is a living, mobile creature.


The figure can only be a human or a bigfoot. It is standing upright and has broad shoulders. What appears as two rather bow-legged legs is a visual exaggeration created by a plant in the foreground. On enhanced and zoomed versions of the photograph, there appear to be either shadows or other other differentiations that suggest pectoral muscles or perhaps breasts. There may be a light spot on the face of the figure that would be bare patches of skin on the cheeks and forehead.

The figure is standing next to a wooden hunting blind. The blind is in the same place and is the same shape as it was when the photograph was taken, so it serves as an excellent scale item to calculate the height of the unknown figure.


A problem with these calculations is knowing where the ground level is where the figure is standing. To come up with a reasonable location on which to base the ground measurements, I superimposed two photographs of the stand over one another. The first photo was of the unknown figure standing next to the stand, and the other was a picture of Bobo standing in the same spot. By drawing a line under Bobo’s feet, I found a reasonable location for the ground. If the figure was a bit further back from where Bobo is pictured, it would be standing in a depression about six inches deep, making it even taller than the calculated heights.

2013 Duhon Photo
Photos of the figure and Bobo are superimposed with yellow lines showing the tops of their heads.

Three methods were used to find the height of the figure. The first was by using a photograph of Bobo standing in the same position as the figure. By using Bobo’s known height (76 inches in boots), the numbers of pixels this represents in the photograph (90 pxls), and the number of pixels tall the figure is in the same photograph (97 pxls), I come up with a height of about 82 inches. This translates to about 6 ft 10 in.


The second method was again found with a ratio, but this time I used the measured height of the bottom of the window (73.5 inches, which was 88.67 pixels). This method yielded the figure’s height to be about 80 inches, or 6 ft 8 in. To check this method, I calculated Bobo’s height and got a result of 75.4 inches. This is only 0.5 inches from his actual height, so I feel confident that the method is valid.


The final way I calculated the figure’s height was by using the window for reference. The bottom of the window is 73.5 inches off the ground, and the top of the window is at 88 inches. The figure’s head comes about 34% of the way up the opening of the window, which translates to a real distance of about five inches. Adding this to the height of the bottom of the window gives us 78.5 inches, or 6 ft 6.5 in.


The three methods of determining the figure’s height all more or less agree, giving us an average height of about 80 inches, or 6 ft 8 in. While this is within human height range, it is well above the average for the human population, but seems very reasonable for a sasquatch.


Also to be considered are the figure’s appearance, this is private land with few, if any trespassers, it was not hunting season, and the temperatures make it unlikely that anyone was wearing uniformly dark clothing from head to toe such as a ghillie suit. When taken all together, I believe that this figure is a sasquatch.

The slideshow below shows other photographs taken on site during my field investigation.