2008 Shelton, WA Howl

Recorded on 12/31/08 @ 17:24


This was recorded on private timber land adjacent to a property that had been experiencing possible repeat visitations by a sasquatch. The location is being kept confidential to protect the privacy of the property owners. Frequent vocalizations had been reported from the area, sometimes on a nightly basis. Footprints, branch breaking, eyeshine, and nearby “ape noises” had also been reported.


The animal that was recorded here moved progressively farther away over the next 15 or 20 minutes. Though I think that this is a coyote, the group of four hunters present at the scene all disagreed with me, but none could definitively rule out some other canine.


Given the context, it is at least possible that this recording is that of a sasquatch. If you can find a matching vocalization, or have any information regarding this or other vocalization recordings, feel free to contact me by using the appropriate link.