2009 Morton, WA Siren Howl

Recorded on 7/14/09 @ 19:15


This vocalization was recorded shortly after 7 pm on July 14, 2009. I missed the first five vocalizations, recording number six onwards. Nearby coyotes started howling in response, covering the vocalizations that followed.


The call was made from a good distance away, and was much clearer than the recording illustrates. Between the high pitch siren-like calls, there was a barely audible noise that was much lower in pitch. I could not hear it clearly, and at first wrote it off to motor noises of whatever emergency vehicle I thought I was hearing. I soon realized that my location automatically negated the possibility of this being a siren from an emergency vehicle, and I rushed to turn the recorder on.


If this is a sasquatch call, it is a rare example of a daytime vocalization. At this time of year, there were still several more hours of light.