Sound Recordings


Stanislaus Moan

Stanislaus National Forest, CA

A long moan-howl is heard under the conversations in the foreground.

Siskiyou Whistle and Knock

Siskiyou Wilderness Area, CA

Cliff and Bobo record a rare whistle followed by a loud knock back at their camp while taking a night walk.

Elk Camp Howl

Gifford Pinchot National Forest, WA

At an abandoned elk hunting camp, howling is recorded that is possibly a pack of coyotes.  Take a listen to make up your own mind.

Devil’s Ridge Howl

Mt. Hood National Forest, OR

On a solo expedition, a series of howls is recorded from a valley below Devil’s Ridge.

Shelton Howl

Mason County, WA

While doing an on-site investigation into a habituation near Shelton, WA, these screams were recorded.  Large footprints appeared nearby the next day.

Morton Siren Call

Gifford Pinchot National Forest, WA

On a solo expedition near Morton, WA, Cliff records the last of several daylight siren calls.  That wasn’t a fire truck…

Salmon-Huckleberry Bog Knocks

Mt. Hood National Forest, OR

On an expedition with Will Robinson, six knocks were heard by a blueberry bog.  We managed to get good recordings of two of the knocks.

Will Call Hill Moan

Mt. Hood National Forest, OR

On an expedition in Mt. Hood National Forest, a strange moan was recorded near a wildlife preserve.

Horse Creek Howls

Molalla River Corridor, OR

While filming an episode of Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot, excellent vocalizations are recorded from two individuals.

Apalachicola River Whoop

Liberty County, FL

While on expedition in the swamps of Florida, a single whoop was recorded.

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Vancouver Island BCSO Whoop/Shriek

Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Two researchers record an excellent whoop/shriek at “Area C.”

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Wynoochee Scream/whoop

Portland, OR area researcher records three scream/whoops near the Wynoochee River.

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Blueberry Bog Knock

Close and clear knock after midnight on a scouting expedition.

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Possible Orang Pendek

Sounds recorded while on expedition for Finding Bigfoot in Sumatra.